Re-installation of computer

If you want to re-install your computer, but don’t have a CD/DVD – what do you do?
If you do not have an installation medium (USB key or DVD), but have access to another Windows PC and a USB key, you can create a Windows installation USB key via Microsoft’s tool. Read more about Windows 10 here.

On Mac, you can reinstall by holding CMD+R during startup. After that, you can reinstall MacOS on its own without changing documents and programs. Via the Disk Utility menu, you can delete all content and then install MacOS if you want a clean installation.

Maybe the computer has just become slow, or you want to sell it, and then it is a good idea to have it re-installed or formatted. That way, you are sure that none of your personal files are left on the machine.

Remember to check that a backup of data has been made before upgrading / reinstallation.

As always, contact Brian Vegas from ComputerLab if you need help.