MacBook battery

Maybe you’ve noticed that your Apple laptop can’t work on battery as long as it used to?

Apple has through the times made various models of MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. And their batteries will decrease over time. Battery Cycle is a term that can indicate the lifecycle, and if it should be considered replaced.
In this article from Apple, you can read more about how to locate the Battery Cycle for your laptop and what the limit is for your specific model. Most newer models are made for a limit of 1000 Battery Cycles. Older models can have 500 or as low as 300.

If your MacBook has reached it’s Battery Cycle limit, and you’re in the Copenhagen area in Denmark, you should consider bringing it in for a battery replacement at SuperMacService in Østerbro.
On the website you can locate your model, and determine what the price will be. Usually the repair will be done the next day.