Setting up YouSee / TDC mail in Outlook

*** Post update 2024 ***

Nuuday owns TDC and their brands and subsidiaries, but I call them TDC / YouSee here in the guide, as that is what they are known to most people as.

TDC / YouSee has been using POP3 for their e-mail service for years, but at some point in 2018/2019 switched to also offering IMAP as they switched to a new platform.

IMAP has, among other things, the advantage over POP3 that all folders synchronize incl. sent mail, if you have several devices set up mail e-mail, will be the same on them.
Which was not the case with POP3.

TDC / YouSee’s own guides was buggy with wrong port numbers until 2024. For outgoing server they now write port 587 and incoming port no 993.
Which now work. Below you can see what is used to work. Good thing they changed it to industry standard.

Server type: IMAP

Incoming server:
Port: 993 (Old: 143)
Encryption: STARTTLS

Outgoing server:
Port: 587 (Old: 25)
Encryption: STARTTLS


Port 143/25 does not work anymore after TDC changed the setup.
The information can also be used for any IMAP email client other than Outlook.

Examples of TDC / YouSee e-mail account domains:

TDC and YouSee brands / companies:

TDC, Dansk Kabel TV, Telmore, Fullrate, YouSee, Netdesign, Xee, Itadel, Relatel, Hiper, Nuuday, Firmafon, Onfone, Cirque, M1, UnoTel, Nordit, Get, Adactit.

Blockbuster was bought by TDC in 2014, but they sold it to SF Anytime in 2023.


Written December 2020, updated 2024