A website is your electronic business card on the Internet. Here you can talk about your skills and refer to references. It makes you more visible compared to your competitors who do not have a website.

If you need a website, you can get it from me, Brian Vegas, who has the company ComputerLab – Data & Design. I create websites with a content management system, where it is easy for you to make updates afterwards. You get to set up web hosting and email addresses, a contact form and various sub-pages, and you can get help choosing a domain name. You also have the option of getting a photo gallery, newsletter and other features.

I have worked professionally with IT, website programming and design for over 20 years. With an education as a media graphic designer and a background as an IT manager in large international companies, I have a wide range of skills and can solve most IT tasks. If you need a logo, I can also help with that.

Contact me and let me know about your wishes for the website, and for a no-obligation quote.