Verified by Visa – SPAM hoax scam email

There are currently some emails in circulation which are simply attempts to cheat money out of you.

Content and sender may change. The only thing you have to remember is not to click on any link in that type of email. Not even a “no thanks” or unsubscribe button. It just needs to be deleted.

Sender claims to be “Verified by Visa”. Here is an example of the content: (The following is in Danish)


Fra: Verifed By Visa
Emne: Skift din adgangskode

Kaere kunde ,

Vi har for nylig fastslået, at forskellige computere på din Verified by Visa-konto, kodeord og flere fejl var til stede for forbindelsen. Vi har nu brug for dig til at bekraefte dine kontooplysninger Verified by Visa.Hvis dette ikke er det kan bruges til svigagtige formål. Tak for din forståelse på denne måde.For at bekraefte din online-konto.


Here you can see how the email is designed, and you are encouraged to press the button:

There may also be similar emails where it looks like the sender is Nordea, Paypal, PBS/Nets etc.