Mac / OS X shortcuts

To screenshot the entire screen: Command+shift+3

To screenshot a portion of the screen: Command+shift+4

Start the machine in Target mode: Hold down T during boot

Start the machine in Recovery mode: Hold down Command+R during boot
On new machines, hold down the powerbutton, until it displays the menu.

Reset PROM: CMD + Option + P + R
Hold down during boot, release all keys after the boot sound comes the 2nd time.

SMC reset / Reset SMC: Left shift + Alt/Option + Control
Hold during boot, release after 10 seconds.

Copy: Command+C

Paste: Command+V

Cut: Command+X

Jump to other open program: Command+Tab
Reverse order: Command+Shift+Tab

Quit open program: Command+Q


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The use of keyboard shortcuts has several benefits, including improved efficiency, productivity, and user-friendliness. In the beginning, they speed up operations by eliminating the need to manually scroll through menus or manipulate on-screen elements. This simplified method saves time and reduces the number of repeated steps, allowing users to complete tasks more quickly and with less repetition.

Keyboard shortcuts promote ergonomic design and minimize hand-wrecking. They also eliminate the need for constant mouse movement and clicking, which can prevent repetitive strain injuries that occur with prolonged use of traditional input devices. This can lead to a more comfortable and productive work environment, as well as reduced fatigue.

In addition, acquiring proficiency in keyboard commands can improve efficiency and competence. Individuals who are skilled in using shortcuts tend to work more quickly and confidently, as they can perform tasks with precision and speed without interruption. This ability is especially useful in time-sensitive or high-pressure situations where efficiency demands more than ever.

Moreover, keyboard shortcuts are frequently editable, giving users the option to personalize their workflow according to their preferences and specific needs. Individuals can optimize their productivity by selecting shortcut that best suits their work habits and frequently performed tasks, thanks to this flexibility.

In general, the incorporation of keyboard shortcuts into one’s workflow offers numerous benefits such as time savings, improved ergonomics, enhanced productivity, and flexibility in efficiency, making them an essential tool for computer users across various industries and skill levels.