Problems with network card

Sometimes it happens that Windows has problems with e.g. a driver and here are a few tips to fix the problem.

Windows admin

Try right clicking on “This computer”, select manage. Find “Device Manager” and here you will find “Network Adapter”.

Can you see your network card here? Is it possibly disabled? If yes, choose to enable it again.
It could also be that there is a yellow warning triangle next to the device? If yes, then you can try to install the driver again. Eg. you can right-click on the device, select “Update Driver”, and follow the wizard.

If it can’t find the driver locally, you can download it from the manufacturer’s website on another computer, save it to a USB key, and install it on your computer from there.

It that doesn’t fix the problem, you can reinstall the system, or ask for help from ComputerLab


Benefits of driver update on windows computer

Various benefits are provided by updating drivers on a Windows computer, such as improving system stability and security. To start with, driver updates frequently involve optimizations and bug fixes that can help address hardware issues such as hardware bugs, compatibility problems, and performance delays. Hardware components, such as graphics cards, network adapters and peripherals, are made to function properly and reliably.
In addition, driver updates can provide backing for new features, technologies, and hardware advancements, which can enhance the overall user experience. The utilization of this feature allows users to benefit from the latest innovations and improvements offered by hardware manufacturers, resulting in improved functionality and efficiency.

Moreover, the provision of drivers through updates can improve system security by addressing potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited. By installing the latest driver updates, users can prevent potential threats and attacks by keeping their system up-to-date.

In general, updating drivers on a Windows PC is important to ensure that the system performs smoothly and reliably, while also ensuring compatibility and safety.